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About the Series

Deciding it was time to turn up the heat, Steven Raichlen introduces his hottest series yet, Project Fire, a new and insightful exploration of how we grill today and how we will grill and smoke tomorrow.

With a dynamic new format that includes on-set guests and off-road field trips, innovators of live fire cooking join Steven to share revolutionary new techniques that will elevate the backyard barbecue experience - from ember-roasting and salt slab grilling to fire-heated iron and high tech rotisseries.

Project Fire will introduce new foods from unfamiliar cuts of steak to eco-friendly seafood, and new twists on popular classics such as entire meals cooked on the grill, from breakfast to paella to clambakes. And, as usual, there will be a jaw-dropping collection of new tools, fuels, and grills.

Preview: Steven Raichlen’s Project Fire Season Four

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