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Season 3 Episodes

301. Primal Grill

Think back. Way back. To that momentous occasion more than a million years ago, when our prehistoric ancestors learned how to master fire and cook. This show focuses on some of the world's most primal grilling. Mussels grilled on a bed of flaming pine needles, as they do on the west coast of France. Salmon roasted on redwood sticks in front of an open fire in the style of the Yurok Indians of Northern California. T-bone steaks grilled directly on the embers, and fire-grilled Garlic Bread. Awaken your inner caveman. It's primal grilling on Primal Grill.

Mussels On Pine Needles
Salmon On A Stick
Fire-Grilled Garlic Bread
» Caveman T-Bones With Garlic And Peppers
302. Barbecue's Birthplace

In 1516, a Spanish explorer encountered a band of Taino Indians roasting game and seafood on a wooden frame over a smoky fire. They called the cooking device a barbacoa-the origin of modern barbecue. This show takes us to the birthplace of barbecue-the Caribbean-where you'll learn to make Jamaican jerk chicken, buccaneer baby back ribs with pineapple barbecue sauce, and a Raichlen classic: shrimp grilled on sugarcane.

» Jamaican Jerk Chicken
Hellfire Hot Sauce
Pineapple Barbbecue Sauce
» Buccaneer Baby Back Ribs With Pineapple Barbecue Sauce
» Shrimp Grilled On Sugarcane
303. Gaucho Grill

Gaucho describes the cowboys of northern Argentina and southern Brazil. These rustic cattle herders developed a simple yet powerful style of grilling over an open wood fire, a tradition still celebrated around Planet Barbecue today.Here are three indispensable gaucho favorites:Chicken roasted in a salt crust, from Uruguay's celebrity grill master, Francis Mallmann; the monster beef ribs that made the reputation of Brazil's famous grill house, Fogo de Chao; and a dessert from Brazil's cattle country, a pineapple you roast on the rotisserie.

» Salsa Verde (Garlic- Parsley Sauce)
Chicken In A Salt Crust
» Gaucho Beef Ribs
» Country Hot Sauce
Brazilian Rotisserie Pineapple
304. Italian Fire

Since Roman times, the Italian focus-hearth-has made monumental contributions to the world of live fire cooking. A new addition to the Primal Grill equipment collection, an authentic Italian-style wood-burning oven, inspired this shows menu: two versions of Italy's iconic food, pizza, cooked on the floor of the oven but easily adapted to a conventional grill; wood oven-roasted sweet and sour duck; and monster bone-in pork chops glazed with a reduction of red wine, honey, and balsamic vinegar. Benissimo.

» Wood Oven Pizzas (Margherita And Bacon Potato)
Sweet And Sour Duck
» Grilled Pork Chops With Sweet And Sour Onions
305. Burn In The USA

The whole world grills, and a few countries smoke. But only one place on Planet Barbecue has highly evolved traditions of both-the U.S.A. (Of course, in the South, Midwest, and Texas, smoked meats are better known as barbecue.) In previous seasons of Primal Grill, we've shown you how to barbecue the familiar-chicken, ribs, and brisket. So here's a look at some less well-known regional live fire cooking: lobster the way we do it on Martha's Vineyard (my summer home); Texas beef clod-a massive cut from the shoulder that handily feeds a carnivorous horde; and Puerto Rican pork shoulder, seasoned with oregano and garlic, basted with annatto oil, and spit-roasted until the skin is shatteringly crisp and the meat fork-tender.

» Puerto Rican Pork Shoulder
» Texas Clod
» 7up Barbecue Sauce
Kreuz's Sides
Lobster Martha's Vineyard-Style
306. Bombay Blast

More than 5000 years ago, a potter in Central Asia made a tall, urn-shaped, incredibly efficient clay barbecue pit-the origin of the Indian tandoor. Today, tandoori, Indian barbecue, is enjoyed from New Delhi to New Caledonia to New York. This show features tandoori salmon (washed with garlic water and marinated in spices, yogurt, and chickpea flour). Next up, two traditional Indian charcoal-grilled breads made from the same dough: naan and flaky, puff pastry-like lachha paratha, followed by fragrant Persian-inspired saffron chicken tikka kebabs. Best of all, each recipe can be cooked on a conventional grill, too.

Green Herb Chutney
Indian Naan And Puff Pastry
Tandoori Grilled Salmon Steaks
Chicken Tikka Kebabs
307. Asia's Crossroads

Some of the worlds biggest flavors come hot off some of the worlds smallest grills. Proof positive? Sizzling beef sates-cut from well-marbled rib eye steaks and masterfully spiced with cumin, coriander, and turmeric from tiny Singapore. From Guam, where the sun first rises on American barbecue, comes a main-course chicken salad like your mother never made: smoked chicken with freshly grated coconut and vivifying doses of lime juice and chiles. Cambodia boasts some of the world's best grilled corn (basted with coconut milk), while Malaysia gives us a unique way for preparing swordfish: slathered with lemongrass paste, then wrapped and grilled in banana leaves-a popular Asian technique that not only keeps the fish moist, but that keeps it from sticking to the grill grate.

» Singapore Beef Sates
» Singapore Cucumber Relish
Singapore Peanut Sauce
Guamian Chicken Salad
Malaysian Swordfish In Banana Leaves
Cambodian Corn
308. Heat Without Meat

Whether you're a vegetarian, feeding someone who doesn't eat meat, or simply crave meatless grilling from time to time, this show is for you. Smoked egg pate from Israel. (Think of it as turbocharged egg salad.) Grilled tofu with pineapple, cucumber, and a chili-peanut dipping sauce from Malaysia. Grilled bananas with a spoon-licking caliber coconut-caramel sauce from Thailand (as good for breakfast or a snack as a dessert).

Israeli Smoked Egg Pate
Pita Bread Grilled Two Ways
» Malaysian Grilled Tofu
Thai Coconut Bananas
309. Spanish Smoke

Long before Spanish culinary mad scientist Ferran Adri stunned the world with his foams, infusions, and molecular cuisine, grill masters from the Iberian peninsula were setting the world of barbecue, well, on fire. Like Basque grill master, Victor Arguinzoniz, whose grilled shrimp calls for olive oil and txakoli wine misted from spray bottles. Or Matias Gorrochatequi, whose salt-grilled steaks are a masterpiece of fiery simplicity. (Serve them with calcots, flame-grilled green onions dipped in romesco sauce.) Catalan cream, crusted with spiced raw sugar and dramatically caramelized with a fire-heated iron disk, brings the meal to an unforgettable close.

» Victor's Shrimp
» Salt-Grilled Rib Steak
» Calcots With Romesco Sauce
» Romesco Sauce
Catalan Cream
310. Out Of Africa

Africa. Where mankind, grilling, and civilization began. Today, we take you to this mysterious, multi-cultural continent, where complex flavors and grilling techniques show just how far we've evolved since a human ancestor called Homo erectus became the first animal to cook his dinner. For starters, a South African specialty-incendiary piri-piri chicken wings. Then a Cape Malay twist on shish kebab-sosaties-pork and lamb skewers perfumed with red wine, dried fruit, and curry. From Nairobi, our grand finale: Kenyan spit-roasted lamb with sweet sour mint glaze-a reminder of the once-long reach of the British Empire.

Sweet Sour Mint Sauce
» Piri Piri Wings
Kenyan Spit-Roasted Lamb
311. Europe's Grill

When it comes to European grilling, Italy and Greece grab the headlines. Here's a look of some of Europe's lesser-known grilling traditions. From Belgium, its briny oysters grilled with an uncommon (and uncommonly delectable) combo of ginger, soy sauce, and fruit jam. Serbia gives us boned chicken thighs, stuffed and grilled with bacon, ham, and cheese. And from Germany comes the best barbecue you've never heard of'spiessbraten-butterflied pork shoulder stuffed with onions and garlic and spit-roasted over beech wood. Finally, straight from a wood-burning beehive oven, experience a mixed vegetable grill with Brussels sprouts. You saw it here first on Primal Grill.

German Spiessbraten
Icicles Radish Salad
Belgian Oysters
Serbian Grilled Chicken Bundles
Vegetable Mixed Grill
312. Fired Up, Down Under

Ozzies (Australians) and Kiwis (New Zealanders) may live half a world away, but they're every bit as grilling-obsessed as we North Americans are. Case in point: an Australian favorite, the proverbial "shrimp on the barbie", grilled here with basil and prosciutto and flambeed with Pernod. Or apostles on horseback-New Zealand sea scallops marinated in wine and grilled with smoky bacon. Grilling doesn't get much more primal than lamb on a shovel (chops grilled over a wood fire on a shovel blade), a specialty of the Australian Outback. G'day and good grilling.

Shrimp On The Barbie
» Lamb On A Shovel
Apostles On Horseback (Bacon-Grilled Scallops With Honey Lime Glaze)
Salted Pineapple
313. Primal Grill For A Crowd

Cook indoors and you often cook solo. Light a grill and you cook for a crowd. This show focuses on grilling for parties. Mexican grilled fish tacos, for example, where a single dish becomes an entire meal. Or burgers, ranging in size from bite-size kobe-style beef sliders to plate-burying, garlic- and chile-laced Bosnian pljeskavica. Smoked turkey makes another great dish to grill for a crowd: The Primal Grill twist comes from a brown sugar and orange marinade and tangy orange slather sauce.

» Salsa Verde
Chiltomate (Grilled Tomato Habanero Salsa)
Mexican Fish Tacos
Kobe Beef Sliders
World's Biggest Burger
Orange-Mayo Sandwich Sauce
Orange-Brined Turkey Breast
» Pico De Gallo
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