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Season 1 Episodes

101. Smoke Screen

Smoke is the soul of true barbecue. As you climb the ladder of barbecue enlightenment, you'll want to be able to smoke a variety of foods in a variety of grills and smokers. This show explores four diverse foods: ribs, turkey, salmon, and even a dessert—prepared in a traditional offset barrel smoker, a water smoker, a charcoal grill, and a stovetop smoker. Sorry…no gas grills allowed.

» Kansas City-Style Ribs With Spicy Apple Barbecue Sauce
» Smoke-Roasted Raspberry-Pear Crumble
» Turkey Pastrami
» Turkey Pastrami Reuben Sandwiches
» Sunday Morning Smoked Salmon
» Spicy Apple Barbecue Sauce
102. Kebabs Of The World Unite

Meat on a stick represented the first technological leap forward in the evolution of barbecue. The popularity of kebabs and sates around the world attests to the universal appeal of skewered foods. So why do so many kebabs come on bamboo skewers with burnt ends or on metal skewers with raw onions, overcooked meat, and tomatoes that fall into the embers? If you've ever had trouble nailing the perfect shish kebab, or you want to expand your repertoire, this show is for you.

» Quick Persian Beef Kebabs
Swordfish Souvlaki
Thai Chicken Sates Served In Lettuce Leaves
Thai Peanut Sauce
Mixed Fruit And Pound Cake Kebabs With Honey-Rum Glaze
103. Make No Mis-Steak

People may dream of smoking whole hogs and briskets, but admit it: what you really want to know for everyday use on a practical basis is how to grill the perfect steak. This show reveals all the secrets, from selecting the right steak to setting up the grill to the perfect seasoning and sauces. You'll learn how to achieve perfect doneness every time using the four-finger poke test.

» Tubac T-Bone
» Korean Sesame-Grilled Rib-Eyes
» Argentinean Grilled Eggplant

When I was growing up, barbecue meant chicken marinated in sweet barbecue sauce, burnt charcoal-black on the outside, still raw inside, and reeking of lighter fluid. Sound familiar? This show will teach you the right way to grill Americas favorite bird: on a charcoal grill, in a smoker, and on a gas grill.

» Java Chicken With Cafe Latte Barbecue Sauce
» Mocha Mop Sauce
» Best Barbecued Beans On The Planet
» Spatchcocked Game Hens Cooked Under A Brick With Basil Marinade
» Cafe Latte Barbecue Sauce
» Espresso Rub

A lot of people are intimidated by the idea of grilling fish. With good reason! When you grill fish, does it A) stick to the grill grate; B) break into pieces; C) come out raw in the center; D) come out hopelessly overcooked; or E) all of the above? This show will give you three great ways to grill fish without fear or tears.

» Miso Glaze
» Cedar-Planked Salmon With Miso Glaze
Fennel And Orange Slaw
» Grilled Prosciutto-Wrapped Trout
» Mustard-Dill Sauce
» Trinidadian Grilled Swordfish With Caribbean Mango Salsa And Bakes
» Caribbean Mango Salsa

When I was growing up, the options for a vegetarian at a typical barbecue were limited to hamburger buns or potato salad. In many parts of the world in India and Japan, for example meatless grilling produces some of the most interesting food to come off the fire. So whether you're grilling for vegetarians, or you just want to cut back on the meat sometimes, this sizzling show has you covered.

» Paella Primavera (With Vegetables And Beans But No Meat)
» Grilled Pepper Salad With Currants, Capers, And Feta
» Chipotle Portobello Burgers
» Smoke-Roasted Apples

In Memphis, Tennessee, and the Carolinas, barbecue means just one thing: pork shoulder smoke-roasted until its so tender you can pull it apart with your fingers. But pit masters all over the world love this crusty, meaty, well-marbled cut, and today, Im going to show you how to grill the perfect pork shoulder American, Caribbean, and even Balinese style. No ifs, ands, or pork butts, about it.

Grilled Long Beans
Pit-Roasted Pork In The Style Of The Yucatn (Pibil)
Yucatecan Pickled Onions (Cebollas Encurtidas Yucatecas)
» Xni Pec Salsa Dogs Snout Salsa
» South Carolina Pulled Pork Shoulder With Memphis Mustard Slaw
» South Carolina Mustard Barbecue Sauce
» Balinese Roast Pork Babi Guling
Balinese Yellow Rice Nasi Kuning
Cucumber Salad

Every self-respecting grill master should have at least one infallible rib recipe under his or her belt. Here are three that are guaranteed to make you look like a pro. Master grillmanship requires more than great recipes: this show will teach you all the techniques and technical know-how you need to nail the perfect rib.

Lemon Brown Sugar Barbecue Sauce
» First-Timers Ribs
Five-Spice Shanghai Short Ribs With Shanghai Barbecue Sauce
Country-Style Pork Ribs With Chilean Pepper Sauce (Pebre)

Shellfish come from the water, but deliver their ultimate flavor through fire. Grill masters from California to the Mediterranean to Australia back me up on this. In this show you'll learn to grill drunken sailors (tequila marinated oysters), ginger-mint buttered lobster, and a spectacular grilled shrimp cocktail.

» Drunken Sailors (Oysters With Cilantro, Tequila, And Asiago Cheese)
» Grilled Shrimp Cocktail With Mediterranean Salsa
» Mediterranean Salsa
» Morton Bay Bugs With Ginger-Mint Butter
» Barbecued Onions

Are we listening when you write in to the Barbecue Board? You bet! And one question you ask a lot is how to improve your rotisserie skills. Spit-roasting is one of the worlds most ancient and universal forms of grilling, and there's nothing like it for producing exceptionally moist meat with a crackling crisp crust. Here's the lowdown on spit-roasting duck, prime rib, and even baby back ribs.

» Ginger-Pineapple-Rum Barbecue Sauce
» Spit-Roasted Prime Rib With Herbs
» Pineapple-Glazed Baby Back Ribs With Ginger-Pineapple-Rum Barbecue Sauce
» Spit-Roasted Peking Duck With Garlic And Ginger Hoisin Barbeque Sauce

The statistics are in and the winner is definitely not lamb. Americans consume less than 1 pound per person per year. But on any given night, more pit masters around the world are grilling lamb than probably any other meat. The lamb zone begins in Morocco and extends east all the way to New Zealand. You cannot consider yourself a well-rounded grill master until you've mastered lamb.

The Real Barbacoa: A Mexican Pit-Barbecued Lamb
» Salsa Mexicana
» Goat Cheese-Stuffed Lamb Burgers With Yogurt Cucumber Sauce
Yogurt Cucumber Sauce
Exotic Yogurt And Saffron Marinated Lamb Chops (Shislik)

Why do you want to learn how to grill? To expand your personal knowledge? To impress your family and friends? Admit it: the real reason you want to boost your barbecue skills is to show off at your next tailgate party. We've got you covered with three great dishes that are easy to grill in a parking lot and that will help you smoke the competition.

» Filipino-Style Sirloin With Pico De Gallo
» Pico De Gallo
Grilled Bread With Black Sesame Seeds And Scallions
» Maytag Blue Cheese Sauce
» Buffa-Cue Shrimp
» Chilli-Beer Hot Wings

In barbecue, as in life, bigger is often better. Especially when it comes to beef. Every aspiring grill master should know how to tackle the big cutsbrisket, prime rib, and whole beef tenderloin. Big beef, like big game, will impress the hell out of your guests. Are you up to the challenge?

» Bacon-Crusted Texas Style Brisket
» Asiago-Stuffed Rosemary Rib Roast With Rosemary-Peppercorn Sauce
Rosemary Peppercorn Sauce

» The Ultimate Cheesesteak
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